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Taking Care of Your Home Drainage System

Cunningham Property Services Will Keep the Water Flowing at Home

Do you need help taking care of your home drainage system in Jay, Wilton, and Farmington, ME? Cunningham Property Services has some solutions for your property in this month’s blog. There’s no question how much we need water as part of our daily lives. That doesn’t mean we want standing water in and around our homes. Installing a drainage system that works with your property is an ideal solution. Here are some of the ways our drainage system contractors can help you.


Building Your Drainage System from a Variety of Quality Materials

Not every style of drainage system works for every kind of home property. Our contractors offer dry creeks, trench drains, French drains, site grading, dry wells, and reservoirs. Installation for each of these depends on your land, and the construction of your home. We work to make sure your system can handle stormwater and rainfall. That ensures you keep water flow problems to a minimum.


Offering Both Surface and Subsurface Drainage System Solutions

Every great home drainage system needs to keep water away from the property. That keeps you from getting standing water on your floors and basement. Our strong, durable materials can stand up any of Maine’s elements year-round. Our experts know what is best suited to collect the water from snow, rain, ice, and other elements.


Do you need additional help with building your home drainage system? Call the drainage specialists at Cunningham Property Services at (207) 462-2312. Follow us on Facebook for more great information. We are happy to help you with problems related to taking care of your home drainage systems.