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Walkways for Your Property

Get Quality Walkways from Cunningham Property Services

Cunningham Property Services installs quality walkways for your property. Walkways come in a variety of quality construction materials, including stepping stones, concrete, stone slabs, and more. Not all of those materials complement every property. Having the right guidance can help you with determining the right walkway for your home property. Cunningham Property Services is providing some of that guidance in this month’s blog.



Consider What Kind of Building You Are Working With

Not every material works with every home. You may want a concrete or brick walkway. Think about what your home construction, so you can complement the property. Adding the right material can improve your curb appeal and increase your property’s value.



Match Up the Color of Your Pathway to the House

Some residents might want dyed concrete because of its aesthetically pleasing look. Make sure that the color you get matches your house. That helps it give a natural blend so your home stands out. You should also get commercial sealing. That helps reduce the risk of mold and mildew build up and helps protect your walkway against the weather.



Shade Can Help You Minimize Unwanted Growth

Moss and mildew are a couple of things that can grow on stone walkways. That can leave slippery conditions for anyone walking on them. You should get trail mix made up of a variety of aggregates. That’s especially true for what is in a shaded area.



Always Keep Your Budget in Mind When Deciding on Materials

Every style of walkway comes with a variety of costs. While you may want that flagstone walkway, your budget may only be able to afford colored concrete. Also be aware of how big your property is as well as building codes. That will help make this process as smooth as possible.


For more great information on installing walkways for your property, call Cunningham Property Services at (207) 462-2312. Follow us on Facebook for more information. We are happy to discuss more about installing walkways for your property.