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New Lawn Construction

Build Your Green Spaces with Cunningham Property Services

Cunningham Property Services does quality new lawn construction in Farmington, Jay, and Wilton, ME. Every great landscape includes healthy grass surrounding the trees, shrubs, and other features that you want on your property. Think about what kind of appearance you want to have for your home or business. Some of that will affect when you can install your lawn. Here are some of the things that we consider before we take care of your lawn installation.


Our Grass Experts Will Carefully Study Your Soil

Every healthy lawn starts with quality soil, and our landscapers take their time learning about your particular soil. There are certain minerals that we consider before installing your grass. We can also remove the old topsoil and add new over the ground. The best quality topsoil allows for water absorption to promote healthy growth.


Not Every Grass Works with Every Property

Some properties can support bluegrass, while others may not. It depends on what buildings are around and the shade that they provide. Grasses that need sun to grow won’t flourish in shaded areas. You also have to consider which grasses thrive under cool-season conditions.


Make Sure Whatever is Left from Prior Construction is Gone

Every construction job can create debris and other unwanted materials on your property. Concrete, nails, rocks, broken wood, and a variety of packaging materials can prevent your grass from growing. Our grass experts will ensure that these are out of the way so that you get the healthiest lawn possible. Get the green space you deserve for everything life sends your way.


Do you have more questions about constructing a new lawn? Call the landscaping specialists at Cunningham Property Services at (207) 462-2312. Follow us on Facebook for more great information. We are happy to discuss with you more great ideas for new lawn construction.