Blog 7

Taking Care of Small Demolition Work

Cunningham Property Services Knows Small Demolition Projects

Do you need help with taking care of small demolition work in Farmington, Jay, and Wilton, ME? Cunningham Property Services will discuss this in this month’s blog. Every building eventually outlives its usefulness. Over time, our needs will change, and that means tearing down buildings that we no longer need. It could be a shed or a pool house. Our contractors have the training to handle a variety of small demolition projects. Here are some of the ways that we serve you.


Clear The Way for Your Next Project

Whether you own a business or your home, there are a variety of changes that you may want to make on your property. Garages, pools, sheds, cabins, and more eventually are no longer useful. Our small demolition contractors use quality equipment to do the demolition right. They will tear down only what you need removed.


Thoroughly Inspecting the Land We Work on Before the Job Begins

Like everything else, demolition needs careful, thorough planning. Our demolition specialists examine every aspect of the job. We use careful measurements for your project so that we only tear down what you need cleared. This ensures that we limit headaches for you and those around you. Trust our demolition team to work safely and efficiently at every step of the job for your home or business.


Clearing Debris of Small Demolition Work So Construction Can Begin

We not only take care of the small demolition job; we also take care of the cleaning, too. Getting rid of debris is the last step before your construction work can begin. We have the experience to handle everything from wood to concrete. Our contractors will get rid of this debris in a safe, efficient manner at your home or business. This allows you to get the construction that you need done in a timely manner.


For more information on how we are taking care of small demolition work, call the specialists at Cunningham Property Services at (207) 462-2312. Follow us on Facebook for more information on our services. We are happy to show you how we are taking care of small demolition work.